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Many patients fall into the bad habit of only visiting their dentist when they have tooth pain or another dental problem, but the truth is that regular dental visits can prevent these issues by allowing for early diagnosis of any health risks. We encourage you to schedule dental checkups every six months to diagnose warning signs of dental issues.

When you visit Harvest Dental for a dental checkup, our team performs an oral exam to look for many kinds of dental issues, such as oral cancer. Oral cancer requires an early diagnoses to increase the chances of successful treatment, and warning signs can include the development of abornamilies in the mouth such as discolored lumps. You could also be suffering from gum disease without realizing it, as many of the symptoms are only visible to a highly trained dental team, who can determine the appropriate level of treatment.

Most often, we encourage cases of tooth decay, which can otherwise go undiagnosed and untreated until they result in further harmful dental problems, including the risk of tooth loss. Regular visits to the dentist every six months allow you to receive the most conservative dental treatment possible for dental issues, preserving more of your natural smile.

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