Dentistry Highlights: Dentures

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With the holiday rush, it is easy to forget about your oral health care and set it aside. However, this can be costly as your teeth can continue to sustain damage to the point that tooth extractions or serious dental damage can occur. Fortunately, numerous tooth replacements exist to replace any teeth that you may have been lost or need to be replaced. One highly effective treatment to think about is dentures.

Whereas a tooth replacement treatment such as a dental implant is attached directly into your jawbone for a permanent hold, dentures are removable procedures that can be taken out for nightly cleanings. However, this means they must be cleaned and cared for to ensure they can continue to operate as intended. Exercise caution when taking out your dentures, as they can be extremely fragile and break if not handled properly. Furthermore, always make sure they are stored in a denture-cleaning solution when they are not being used, or they can dry out and crack.

When cleaning your dentures, always select a solution that is approved and suggested by your dentist. Furthermore, avoid cleaning your dentures with abrasive cleaning projects such as tooth whitening kits, bleach, hot water, or other similar abrasive cleaning goods. Also, don’t forget that before placing your dentures back into your mouth, it is important to wash away any chemical residue that can linger behind from the cleaning solution.

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