Modern Day Dentistry: Healthy Foods to Eat

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Just as oral hygiene routines can help improve your smile, so too can other similar facets of your life. Improving your lifestyle by getting rid of unhealthy habits is a key principle of a healthy smile. In addition, improving your diet and focusing on healthy foods can drastically improve your smile as well. Numerous foods can not only improve your oral health by keeping your mouth clean, but they can also help strengthen your tooth enamel, which is the thin layer on your teeth designed to protect them.

Saliva production is essential for healthy teeth. This is because saliva is a naturally-produced substance in your mouth designed to help eradicate any harmful acids in your mouth and neutralize any issues therein. Saliva can also help provide disease-fighting substances for your mouth. However, producing saliva can sometimes be difficult, especially considering some medications can produce dry mouth which limits the amount of saliva in your mouth. To enhance the amount of saliva in your mouth, eat healthy foods that are high in water content and are crunchy. This includes fruits such as apples and pears.

Another key way to enhance your smile is to eat foods that actually help to strengthen and remineralize your tooth enamel. Through the use of enamel building foods, you can not only keep your smile safe from harmful acids, but it will also help provide an additional layer of protection for your tooth enamel. Key products such as milk, eggs, cheeses and nuts have all been shown to help improve the strength of your tooth enamel.

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