What Is ClearCorrect?
At Harvest Dental, we offer ClearCorrect™ aligners, because not everybody was born with perfectly straight teeth. ClearCorrect aligner therapy is a series of clear dental appliances that are formed and fitted to the patient’s teeth. These series of clear aligners gradually improve appearance and function by applying gentle, consistent pressure, which stimulates the patient’s teeth to move.

Clear aligners are popular because they can do many of the things traditional orthodontics can do, but in a more discreet and convenient fashion.

Many patients are good candidates for clear aligners, and most smiles can be improved with clear aligner therapy. However, some cases are better-suited for traditional braces, or a combination of techniques.

What are the steps to ClearCorrect? 

  • A thorough screening takes place first. We will take needed X-Rays and examine your mouth to ensure you are a candidate for ClearCorrect.
  • If this is a suitable treatment for you, we will then take impressions of your lower and upper teeth. We also take a series of pictures of your teeth and mouth and pictures of your face, smile and profile.
  • We then send the pictures, impressions, and X-rays to Clear Correct. They use the information to make your aligners.
  • We receive the aligners and deliver a set to you. You will come in approximately every two weeks for new aligners.

Does ClearCorrect work?
ClearCorrect in Farmersville and Van Alstyne, Texas, works very well. One of the greatest advantages of ClearCorrect over traditional braces is that there are no brackets and wires to be seen. The second advantage is that these aligners are removable so that when you eat or are at an important function you can take them out. However, if you are not diligent in wearing your aligners as directed, treatment can fail or take much longer than anticipated. When the aligners are worn as prescribed, the results are amazing! We invite you to call our office at 469-812-7100 and schedule your consultation with Drs. Horsley and Walker.