Composite resin (tooth colored) fillings versus amalgam (silver) fillings?
Dental materials have come a long way since the introduction of amalgam silver fillings. Even though silver fillings have been used for decades with great success, most patients at Harvest Dental would prefer a filling material that looks like their natural tooth structure. As a result, composite resin filling material was created. Tooth-colored fillings in Farmersville and Van Alstyne, Texas, are made of plastics instead of metal and are strong, durable, and very natural looking.

How are composite resin fillings placed?
After the decay has been removed, a dental etching material is applied. Etching opens up microscopic pores and makes the tooth surface rough so a bonding agent (dental glue) can flow into these pores and rough surfaces. This step is crucial because the bond keeps the composite resin from falling out of the tooth. The filling material is soft when placed and then it is hardened with a dental curing light. After the filling is adjusted and polished by Drs. Horsley and Walker, you can eat and speak regularly immediately after the procedure.

Sometimes fillings are not possible because your tooth has too much decay or has become too damaged to hold a filling. Also, the tooth structure can become brittle after a root canal. These conditions may require the additional protection of a crown. You are invited to call our office at 469-812-7100 to find out if you are a candidate for tooth-colored fillings.