What are the benefits of using digital imaging?
At Harvest Dental, we only use digital X-ray imaging. Digital X-ray imaging produces a clearer “picture” of your teeth while using 50-90% less radiation than conventional film-based X-rays. Digital images appear instantaneously on the computer monitor, which allows us to review them and discuss the findings with you immediately. Drs. Horsley and Walker provide three different types of digital imaging:

  • Intraoral: We take two types of intraoral images. They are called bite wings and periapicals.  Both of these types of images are used in the detection of decay and other infections.
  • Panoramic: The panoramic image gives a broad overview of the entire mouth. This image supplies information about the teeth, upper and lower jawbone, sinuses, and other hard and soft tissues of the head and neck.
  • 3D Scan: This 3-D image is extremely helpful in determining what position a dental implant can be safely placed. It is also useful in oral surgery for extractions and in orthodontics, to see how roots are positioned in the bone.  So, we can use this technology in aiding the placement of dental implants and some extractions.

Is digital imaging really necessary?
Digital imaging in Farmersville and Van Alstyne, Texas, is not only extremely helpful, but it’s absolutely necessary in properly diagnosing pathology and decay of the upper and lower jawbone, teeth, sinuses, and other hard and soft tissues of the head and neck. Since most pathology and decay happens slowly over time and are often not felt, those things can go undetected until they reach advanced stages. At this point you may experience extreme pain or your dental work may become very expensive. So, yes, it is important! Not only can digital imaging prevent extreme pain by detecting problems early during your dental exam, it can also eliminate additional expensive treatment. You can call us at 469-812-7100 if you have any questions.